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Should you feel unwell, contact us and we will have a quick conversation with you, and arrange for a medical professional to attend to you immediately.

For urgent cases, please call our healthcare ambassador today at + 65 9826 8378


Time Saving

Cuts out unnecessary waiting time to get the right diagnosis to proceed with treatment, if needed

Exceptional Service

Receive personal service from an experienced team of friendly and caring wellness ambassadors

Partner With You

We hold your hand, understand your needs through this period, and find you the correct specialist/s to get you well again

Limousine Service

You will be chauffeured from your doorstep to hospital and safely back home. Your loved ones will be well informed throughout the entire process



To provide a holistic platform to serve those who believe in wellness and/or medical assistance in times of need.


To Serve and assist individuals to Be well, Stay well and Live well.

To educate and create awareness for healthy living by helping others make a positive decision in wanting to live healthy through their golden years.


Catering to the busy individual , we provide wellness and medical healthcare concierge services in the comfort that starts from your home to the hospital.

We provide ambassadors who are trained to assist you with the healthcare needs for you and your loved ones.

We make sure your wishes are understood and respected by everyone involved in the treatment process. Your confidentiality is guaranteed, with professional and compassionate service standards.

In addition, we strive to create awareness of healthy living through wellness seminars, talks, and a “wellness corner” in our website to constantly give tips on healthy living.

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Annie Lim

During the whole process, my sister was very pleased with the ambassador, Ms. Charlene. As my sister is not an easy-going person to handle, Charlene with her patience, managed to handle my sister well. My sister told me that Charlene is a caring and friendly person whom she feels comfortable with, as such this make the whole process go smoothly for her.

Patricia Yap

I would like to thank Ms Charlene Sia who arranged for all the transportation to & fro and accompanied me from seeing Dr Sujit to admission to hospital. She also made sure I was settled down comfortable before she left.

I’m very satisfied with the service they rendered and I am sure to refer them to my family & friends.

Michelle Sim

I found your service was excellent. I was a bit worried in the beginning before the procedure was done, but you had set my mind at ease. You did a good job.